Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The games won't load in my browser or they load but are very slow.

A: We support all modern browsers, make sure you have the latest version installed. If all else fails, you can try installing the latest Chrome.

Q: The puzzle is too big or too small.

A: Try adjusting your browser zoom level by pressing CTRL and 0, CTRL and +, CTRL and -.

Q: I'm using Firefox and when I type an answer, the puzzle loses focus and the search bar appears.

A: You need to disable the "search as you type" feature of Firefox. just go to Tools->Options->Advanced->General Tab and disable "Search for text when I start typing".

Q: How do I change my password?

A: Once logged in, click on 'Profile' in the top right account menu.

Q: How is the crossword tournament puzzle completion time computed exactly? The other day I finished a puzzle in approximately 15 minutes and I ended up with a time of 10 hours and 53 minutes, what does that mean?

A: We start computing the time the moment you press the "Start" button for the first time. That means that if you load the puzzle for the first time in the morning and only submit your score at night you'll get a huge meaningless time, no matter how many reloads of the game you did in between.