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Game Instructions

To begin

To start the game, click on any crossword square with the mouse. The corresponding clue should appear in the panel on the right.

Moving around

Use the Arrow Keys to move around the crossword. You can also use the mouse to quickly go from one square to another. To switch orientation, you can either use the Space Bar or click the cursor.

Filling the crossword

To fill the crossword simply type in your answer and the cursor will automatically move to the next square. If a letter is incorrect, it will appear in red. To correct a letter, position the cursor on it and type your answer. Alternatively, you can erase a letter by using Backspace or Delete.

If you get stuck

You can use the Reveal Letter or Reveal Word buttons to solve the letter or word under the cursor.

Advanced navigation

You can use the Tab / Shift + Tab to move forward/backward one word at a time. Correct words will be automatically skipped. Combined with the space bar to switch orientation, this is the quickest way to complete a crossword.