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Print Puzzle - "The Big Leagues" by Gene Antonio on 3/21/2020
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1- Designation of some nouns: Abbr.; 5- Micro follower; 9- Sponsorship; 14- Nabisco brand; 15- Shaving lotion name; 16- Cause happiness; 17- Charles Dickens character Jack Dawkins on a baseball team?; 20- ___ Selassie; 21- "The soul strives ___ to live and work" (Emerson); 22- Form of "to be"; 23- Depot: Abbr.; 24- "Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana." (Groucho Marx); 26- Greek goddess of the earth; 28- Heavenly being on a baseball team?; 34- Cleaning product name; 35- Mythic water nymph; 36- Some soldiers, familiarly; 39- It has a negative charge; 42- Phyllis Lindstrom's sitcom husband; 43- Kind of force; 45- Open spaces: Latin; 47- Cold climate predator on a baseball team?; 51- Removes; 52- Hereditary condition involving fructose intolerance, initially; 53- Member of order Anguilliformes; 56- Federal law enforcement org. familiarly; 59- New Jersey mega-roller coaster; 61- Silver screen vamp Pola; 63- Big, colorful guy on a baseball team?; 66- Century plant, for one; 67- Food for Fido; 68- Location of Presque Isle; 69- Line on a graph; 70- Hollywood's Myrna and family; 71- Fateful day;
1- Millers; 2- Enlightened person in Buddhism; 3- It's said to be believing; 4- Energy source; 5- Cool one; 6- Intermittent; 7- Partly fermented grape juice; 8- Province and city of Spain's Costa del Sol; 9- Everlasting; 10- Antiquity: archaic; 11- Singer Lady ___; 12- Journey for Caesar; 13- Sahara-like; 18- Compensate; 19- Primatologist Fossey; 25- Bear in the air; 27- "___, In Real Life" by novelist Janelle Milanes; 29- Heavy overcoat; 30- Relating to ancient Troy; 31- Scala in "The Guns of Navarone"; 32- Canal site; 33- Christian denomination, informally; 36- Home of "Frontline"; 37- Calendar abbr.; 38- News newbie; 40- Study of pronunciation; 41- Female serf; 44- The Furies of myth; 46- Not getting any younger; 48- Beatnik's reply to "Do you understand?"; 49- Kind of projection; 50- Take into account; 54- Banks at first; 55- Some brewskis; 56- Greek Trojan War hero; 57- Forum wear; 58- Linseed; 60- Move, to realtors; 62- "...Farm, ___O"; 64- CCXXIV divided by IV =; 65- Turndowns;