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Print Puzzle - "003 from Snacky" by Allen Vaughan on 4/27/2018
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1- Mail disrupted with short weather event (9); 6- Surrounded by help, a man up a tree (5); 9- I'm returning to post for oversight (7); 10- Shake like a leaf, oddly mobile in 6A, perhaps (7); 11- Sea creature lurching about (6); 12- Wheat product meal is on ground (8); 14- Belly holding small bit of wind (4); 15- Once again dance, bow before cleric (10); 18- Surprising fact about euphoria following victory (10); 20- Disagreement over last call (4); 23- Spooner's sentinel arrived for activity with a pack? (4,4); 24- Friend coming up with a problem - it could be rough (6); 26- Rescue from trouble in match (7); 27- Save up before something charged for tax crime (7); 28- Name from the French after "Little Bird" (5); 29- Noblewoman has left without number (9);
1- The woman has morning meal rejected as fast food (9); 2- Some arthropods from popular orders (7); 3- Dictator, first of leftists in smear (6); 4- Ladies don't start prophecy (4); 5- Temper getting hot after alternative to maternity (10); 6- MC in with me on development of memory device (8); 7- Alehouse quiet after number put out (7); 8- Unwanted retention of stored emails (5); 13- Revisiting time car hit subject (10); 16- Send a final remark about individual delays (9); 17- Identify one from Warsaw staff (8); 19- Composer starts to craft thunderous conclusion (7); 21- Heard specific selection of whiskeys in court order? (3,4); 22- Brits back suspension for wealthy nation (6); 23- Explorer raising some tobacco (5); 25- Talk of weapon for suitor (4);