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Print Puzzle - "Themeless 90" by Patricia Wells on 11/13/2017
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1- Model airplane wood; 6- "Shoo!"; 10- Cardboard facsimile; 11- They might be turned; 14- Axilla; 15- Unable to relax (2wds); 16- Nitride of aluminium; 17- Weather-resistant wall covering; 19- On-scene reporters tool, init; 21- Software apps that run repetitive tasks; 23- Coral and garter; 25- They are there for the troops, init.; 26- Court proclaimer; 28- Guess, abbr.; 29- Off shore (2wds); 31- Sunshine on My Shoulders, singer; 33- Where you don't want a project to go; 35- Focal point; 37- An eye on the sky; 38- Texas town (2wds); 42- Shasta e.g.; 45- Swab; 47- Gets it right; 48- An ashcan?; 49- Recycled building stone; 52- Humid; 53- Conservative political party in N. Ireland; 54- Is suspicious; 56- It might be long or short; 57- City once known as Bombay; 60- Document section; 62- Fifties era dance; 63- Tempt; 64- A handful, maybe; 65- Scope;
1- Brand e.g.(2wds); 2- Cash transaction place; 3- Chops; 4- Is right for; 5- Make aware; 6- California city; 7- Lightweight river vessel; 8- PM of Japan; 9- Internet hierarchy, init; 10- Italian river; 12- Shakespearean character in AMND; 13- One of five; 16- Instruction sheet sections; 18- Dinner; 20- Indian state; 22- Ends, as an association; 24- Smooth, shiny cotton fabric; 27- Gets even ?; 30- Series of emails; 32- Cleanse; 34- It's about time; 36- Tea; 39- By way of modern knowledge (2wds); 40- Brass era automobile; 41- Cable channel; 42- Flop; 43- Plants known as "Lords-and-Ladies"; 44- A voiced opinion, perhaps; 46- Scavenge with intent to steal; 50- Very old song; 51- Without help; 55- Cutting edge, init; 58- This title may have become obsolete; 59- Spooky comment; 61- Spasm;