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Print Puzzle - "Hidden Agenda" by Barb Olson on 4/7/2022
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1- Word sung with "to Run" and "in the U.S.A."; 5- Ivanka's husband; 10- Used to be; 14- Some but not many; 15- Redundant partner of over; 16- Stage surname of Billy Broad; 17- Pkg. label stat; 18- *Deeds on the dark web, say; 20- User cost; 21- Higgs ___ particle; 22- "They can go ahead, f'rall I care"; 23- *Olestra, say, in diet-friendly foods; 26- Gendered ending; 27- Cause of a goose egg, perhaps; 30- In a ruffled state; 33- Mom-proof, maybe; 36- Native of Gdansk; 37- Spooky seance sound; 38- *Volcanic avalanche; 41- Strike caller; 42- Four before K; 44- Prefix meaning "eight"; 45- "That's how I ___" ("Ditto"); 47- Prevents, in legalese; 49- Heroic pilot; 50- *Top 40 tracks for the nostalgic; 57- Key prefix for a cheapo; 59- ___-ground missile; 60- Singer Chris or actor Stephen; 61- *Maker of neighbourly relations, to Frost; 63- With 69-Across, quintet hinted at (twice) in the answers to the starred clues; 64- Yes-___ question; 65- Noted conductor Zubin; 66- CBC girl "With an E"; 67- Enclosure for an R.S.V.P.; 68- ___ fixes (obsessive thoughts); 69- See 63-Across;
1- Albertans' park "playground"; 2- Cup ___ (preference); 3- Give another licking, say; 4- It has a bear-shaped lic. plate; 5- Dickens's Marley, and others; 6- Infinite depth; 7- Iron man?; 8- "Duh! ___ knew that!"; 9- "___ Spiegel" (German newspaper); 10- Bug on the phone; 11- Made a dele?; 12- Vatican City city; 13- Pre-secondary sch.; 19- Game with Mr. Boddy; 21- ___ move (do some dancing); 24- Match, as a poker bet; 25- Ex-Flame Fleury, as he's known; 28- Sailor's saint; 29- Many an '80s tow job; 30- Craving; 31- Tuba sounds; 32- Pots near "ptui" sounds; 33- What C.B.D. oil lacks; 34- Stern on a sternwheeler; 35- Prov. riding rep; 39- 46-Down equivalent; 40- Loony tune; 43- An anonymous plaintiff; 46- Verbal hand-wobble; 48- Big man on campus, maybe; 49- Assumes the role of; 51- Waxed no more; 52- Lac La ___, Alberta; 53- Narrow mountain ridge; 54- "The Faerie Queene" woman; 55- Tiny/wee combo word; 56- "For heaven ___!"; 57- I's in psychoanalysis; 58- Canadian breakfast chain; 62- Bowie's old record label; 63- Ball of Bubbilicious;