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Print Puzzle - "Computer Unsavvy" by Barb Olson on 3/20/2022
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1- Violin section: Abbr.; 4- Do some bird watching, maybe?; 10- Love handle, in reality; 14- "___ Haw" ('60s variety show); 15- Certain things; 16- Juste pour ___ (Montreal comedy festival); 17- Yore, of yore; 18- One who just can't chuck out that old strainer?; 20- Words after shake or break; 22- Smelter tram load; 23- Singer Billy, or where he might swim; 24- Pub with the drinks you like best?; 28- Signed one's name to; 29- Puts in a bind?; 30- Disney's "The Bare Necessities" bear; 31- Like this clue: Abbr.; 32- "Getting things done" initials; 35- Journal kept by a casual shopper?; 40- Pit stop additive; 41- Soy Sauce maker Lee Kum ___; 42- Hawaiian honkers; 43- He's got it coming to him?; 45- Trump who wrote "The Trump Card"; 47- Going from single-panes to double-panes, say?; 50- Heeded the curling skip; 52- Worker's stat day, say: Abbr.; 53- Hoop or dangle alternative; 54- Sign that spiders inhabit a place?; 58- Either you ___ (one of us); 59- "Whose woods these ___ think ..." (Frost); 60- Levy on smokes and booze; 61- So far; 62- Man of "la famille"; 63- ___ Belt (star trio); 64- Movie theatre silencer;
1- Pile of papers; 2- Not mix up, as identical twins; 3- Convert to office towers, say; 4- Playground settings: Abbr.; 5- Final set follow-up, maybe; 6- Like affairs in a bodice ripper; 7- Millennial's "rad"; 8- Serpent tail?; 9- "That's Hockey" TV channel; 10- Raucous hubbub; 11- ___ spots ("senile freckles"); 12- Part of L x W = A; 13- Swiss capital city; 19- Drink brand with a lizard logo; 21- "You need to leave"; 25- Spanish ones; 26- ___-A-Sketch; 27- Voice from an Apple Watch, maybe; 30- Ammo also called birdshot; 31- Pet subject for George Burns; 32- Some sandbox trucks; 33- Critters and beasts; 34- Fly-___ (air show displays); 36- "___ you not!" ("It's true!"); 37- Aptly-named CD burning software; 38- Sound accompanying "just like that!"; 39- Leans towards, with "to"; 43- Classic VW van owner; 44- ___'acte (interlude); 45- Has clued in about; 46- Mr. Spock's planet; 47- Barbecue grill brand; 48- "___ was your age, ..."; 49- Gloria's "All in the Family" mom; 50- Give and take?; 51- Existed once; 55- That, in a Paul Anka hit; 56- Title for John A. Macdonald; 57- Strait's "All My ___ Live in Texas";