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Print Puzzle - "The Old Switcheroo" by Barb Olson on 1/8/2022
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1- Poetic eye; 4- Radio frequency meas.; 7- Folkie Pete; 13- Snazzy Italian auto; 15- "Go on, I'm listening"; 16- Earned a living as a philosopher?; 18- "Not now but right now!'; 19- Toronto's ___ Thompson Hall; 20- Like non-Rx'd meds; 21- Ship's loo for bigwigs?; 24- "What ___ mindreader?" ("You expect me to know what you're thinking?"); 25- Changes colour; 26- Winehouse or Grant; 27- Before, before "to"; 28- Musical conclusion; 30- Author's last words, perhaps; 31- Rip, as jeans, before putting on?; 34- Biggish batteries; 36- Got ___ deal (lost out); 37- Corporal and private, for two; 38- Furnace output: Abbr.; 39- Fed. spy agcy.; 43- Ltr. add-ins; 44- Look suspiciously over the fish I landed?; 47- Suffix with block or stock; 48- ___ up (in a tizzy); 49- Stella ___ (Belgian beer); 50- Pay close attention to money returned by a cashier?; 54- "Army" underwater creatures?; 55- Shelley poem dedicated to Keats; 56- Ogopogo's Scottish cousin; 57- L-P bridge; 58- Teacher's favourite;
1- Helen ___ (daughter of Zeus); 2- Whet again; 3- Calgary Stampede buckers; 4- Myopic Mr. of cartoon; 5- Abbr. before Queen Elizabeth; 6- Teen's photo day disaster; 7- Prepared to sing "O Canada"; 8- Spine-tingling: Var.; 9- Seasonal northern worker?; 10- Further down, in a way; 11- Stoic's lack; 12- Soccer penalty calling for expulsion; 14- Funny Buzzi; 17- Unravel, as rope; 18- Master's follower: Abbr.; 22- ___ conniption (went ballistic); 23- Flow (from), as water or smoke; 24- Word with code or rug; 27- "What a relief!"; 28- Earl Jan. purchases, often; 29- Surgeons' work sites: Abbr.; 30- Dundee duo; 31- Cost of a phone booth call, once; 32- Kinsmen kin; 33- Crude container; 34- "Like that'll ever happen!"; 35- Bergen of "Murphy Brown"; 38- Computer memory unit; 39- Little snooze; 40- Cheap cigar; 41- Requiring the most salt, as a road; 42- Quiet requests?; 44- First counting "word"; 45- Good-for-nothing lout; 46- ___-Apple juice (blended beverage); 48- Arizona tribe; 51- ___ and don'ts; 52- Robert Service's McGee; 53- Relating to our country: Abbr.;