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Print Puzzle - "It's a Green Light" by Barb Olson on 11/2/2021
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1- Cheers, Moe's or Kelsey's; 4- Pure sugar, to a chemist; 11- "Don't know yet," on a TV guide; 14- It's panned in Panama; 15- Prom night dates; 16- Stood behind a door, say; 17- Pirate's quaff; 18- Shipment of fur coats and caviar, say?; 20- Four-line rhyme scheme; 22- Wood shed item; 23- Ask too many questions; 24- Verbal come-ons during a dance that "takes two"?; 28- Auto's "owie"; 29- Lon ___ of Cambodia; 30- Canadian Forces brass: Abbr.; 32- It was drawn by Zorro; 34- Backwater buildup; 36- U.S. cinematographer's org.; 39- Why a certain tropical fruit is favoured over the others?; 42- Mad cow disease, for short; 43- Juno winning Jann; 44- Alberta Tory ___ Kenney; 45- Whodunnit ID swabs; 46- Bear, in Barcelona; 47- "Fernando" foursome; 50- Wacky version of a church basement game?; 56- Bench clearer; 58- Prefix meaning "new"; 59- Window ledge; 60- Cruise for Cuban drum players?; 64- In need of cheering up; 65- Murmur detector, for short; 66- Add up once more; 67- Angular opening?; 68- Engaging response?; 69- "Clair de Lune" composer; 70- "Get it?";
1- Movie character who wore a "mankini"; 2- Island in The Beach Boys' "Kokomo"; 3- Schnozz type with an arched bridge; 4- NaCl, in Québec; 5- Regular's order, with "the"; 6- 221, in Ancient Rome; 7- Site of Joan of Arc's demise; 8- Ex-Bruin from Parry Sound, Ont.; 9- Porcine pad; 10- Exit-full-screen keys; 11- Painful spasm; 12- Really into; 13- Option for some wannabe parents; 19- No ifs, ___ or buts; 21- Public place, before "phobia"; 25- River through Lethbridge, Alta.; 26- Have ___ one's face; 27- Mediterranean and Caspian; 31- Résumé presenter's goal; 32- Sis or bro; 33- Data in birth notices: Abbr; 34- ___ on (yada yada); 35- Size at Mr. Big & Tall: Abbr.; 36- Some fire insurance fraudsters; 37- Start to pitch?; 38- Made in "our home and native land": Abbr.; 40- Landlocked body of salt water in Asia; 41- Welcome sight to a thirsty camel; 45- "Hi and Lois" pooch; 47- "___ Road" (Beatles album); 48- Cents-less?; 49- Mop top feature; 51- Heart hit "Crazy ___"; 52- Cousins of "groovy" and "far out"; 53- Lotus position classes; 54- Night driver's hazard, at times; 55- '80s song, to a Millennial; 57- Title for Conrad Black; 61- Flying flock formation; 62- Horse bettor's hangout, briefly; 63- TV Tarzan player Ron ___;