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Print Puzzle - "Horse (Non)sense" by Barb Olson on 4/1/2021
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1- Finnish hothouse?; 6- [Horrors!]; 10- Capital in the Andes; 14- Elicits a "get over it!," maybe; 15- Word with glom or grab; 16- Opportunistic "friend"; 17- Neighing non-stop?; 20- Says 11-Down, say; 21- Shawinigan street; 22- Subway rider's pocketful, once; 23- Gymkhana gait; 25- Carpet thickness; 26- Be just a phone call away from one's horse dealer?; 33- "Doesn't matter to me"; 34- Hosp. sewing rooms?; 35- Toronto Raptor's org.; 36- "Another card," in blackjack; 37- End of an address, often; 38- Monastery main man; 40- P.E.I. clock setting; 41- Glass slipper issue in "Cinderella"; 42- Slob's napkin, maybe; 43- What a huffy young horse might give you?; 47- Big name in skin care; 48- Plant source of blue dye; 49- Country singer Carlile; 52- Factor when buying bath tissue; 53- Neck section in dressmaking; 57- Horse with a kinda-sorta red-brownish coloured coat?; 60- Trump rally acronym; 61- Bronte heroine Jane; 62- Hotheads have short ones; 63- Trampled, with "on"; 64- The done thing?; 65- Steak with a tenderloin section;
1- Wheezer's urban woe; 2- Top-shelf; 3- ___ the crack of dawn; 4- Crew working on "The National"; 5- Term for the ז symbol; 6- Flip out; 7- Murray with the most Junos ever; 8- Filthy farm house; 9- Letter carriers, casually; 10- Perused but didn't post, on Facebook; 11- Verbalized "mm-hmm"; 12- "___ Girls" (2004 Lohan film); 13- Big ships or big boxes; 18- A vegan winning a meat draw, say; 19- All ___ (in total); 24- Trudeau Sr. lapel feature; 25- New wave, maybe?; 26- Drum kit cymbals pair; 27- Horse-and-buggy Mennonites; 28- Sporty Chevy, for short; 29- "Snookums"; 30- Ready to go out for the night?; 31- Higher than; 32- "Be seein' ya"; 37- Place for some slickers; 38- His: Fr.; 39- Rover's reward for rolling over, maybe; 41- Thrashed about wildly; 42- Walkmans and PlayStations, e.g.; 44- Once-jailed media man Black; 45- Retro "shoppe" word; 46- Came to a sudden stop; 49- Coolest rm. in the house, often; 50- Raging ocean sound; 51- Ti-Cat foe in Ontario; 52- Sweat hole; 54- "Ish"; 55- Super-stoked; 56- "Can I get you anything ___?"; 58- Bow-tied Bill, of science; 59- Frequently, to Frost;